Name that Reference: Star, Star, Star

Tonights Garrrosh kill had Ninrez yelling “Star Star Star” while then iron star was coming around. What is that a reference to? During the Lady Deathwhisper encounter in ICC, she would spawn ghost (not always easy to see) and Ninrez would be yelling “Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts” to warn people. It worked back then, seemed to help tonight too.

Garrosh 25 Man Down!


Fucker died(ish)! Great work everyone sticking with it and putting your all in. No raid on Sunday since we are saved to 14/14 SoO. Didn’t even have to marbles. Enjoy your night off! No video from the kill, my comp was lagging too much for it.

Garrosh 10 man DEAD


We worked together, didn’t give up and killed him on 10 man. Thursday, if we have the numbers we will be spending an hour on Immerseus Heroic, be prepared! Kill video: Screenshots! (Why yes, I did just upload all the ones taken and said whatevas. Enjoy them! Click for full screen)