Sha of Pride down, New officer, guild bank needs, and Roster clean up

On Sunday night we killed Sha of Pride on heroic! Great job everyone for coming in and getting it done.

Marack has been promoted to Recruitment Officer as of this week. We are still working on transitioning the responsibilities over to him completely for the role, but please ask him about recruitment and raid needs first! His job will include continuing to respond to applications, talking to potential applicants, posting on the recruitment forums, and (eventually) deciding who will and will not be accepted for trials.

The guild bank is in need of Orange and green gems.

Roster Clean up:
When everyone applied to the guild, they said they would be able to maintain a 90% attendence rate. A lot of people have fallen below this rate. In 25 weeks of raiding that means you can’t miss more than 5 raids to keep at 90%. We are going to start removing people from the main invite list who have fallen below 75% attendance. Keep in mind the attendance sheet we have does NOT include the time Ninrez and Anani were on their honeymoon. You can view the spreadsheet here. We will start removing people after this Sunday’s raid.
If you are removed from the invite list, it does not mean we do not want you to raid with us, it just means we are trying to get a more realistic look at our invite list to figure out where we need to recruit. You are welcome to sign up on the back up list until your attendance improves and you are put back on the main invite list.

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