Warlords of Draenor Information

The release date has officially been announced for Warlords of Draenor! Now the prep begins for the new expansion pack. We will be continuing to raid up to release! When release happens the guild bank will be restructured to fit with the new needs of crafting and leveling. The new expansion means it is time to decide if you will be continuing with your current character or switching it up. Tanking and healing are options but require approval since they are limited in how many they can have. DPS can pretty much change to any other dps, but we want to know a head of time since there are people who are willing to change to whatever the guild needs. The spreadsheet to tell us what you will be playing is here, this whole sentence. If you believe you will not be raiding in WoD, let us know that too!
EPGP in the past has gotten at 90% or so decay so previous attendance and work is still important but the gp number is pretty much zero. Donations will be closed starting 8/19/14. We have enough to last us at least 3 months. Donation numbers will stay and you will continue to earn the EP from previous donations (it rolls over to the new expac).
Crafting! Crafting has had HUGE changes made to it. It is going to be much more of a community effort than a single person providing everything. I do not have all the information for this yet, but just be aware that we are going to need to work together. Old mats will be either moved out of the bank to the alt bank or stuffed into early tabs of the bank. If you have a toon that could use the mats to level at the start of WoD, we will (probably) be more then happy to give them to you. 11.13.14 is just 3 months away. Let’s finish MoP out strong!


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