Welcome to Draenor

Warlords of Draenor has dropped and along with it a lot of changes. We will be starting a sign up sheet for raiding for December 4th. This is the first week of raiding available and we will be starting in normal. When we start moving into Heroic and Mythic, we will be doing a roster like we did in previous expansions. It would appear we have more people than expected looking to raid, there is a possibility for a second group to run at the same time so if you have a viable tank/healing off spec they will probably come in handy.

Donations are open! Vaules are currently set low but will be adjusted as needed. The donation amount for an item could go up for in the middle of a week while we are balancing the amounts, but it will never go down. Donation EP awarded per week is based on how much EP will be awarded per 30 mins. We will get that information a bit closer to raiding. Normal raiding may not use EPGP, we shall see. Ep donation awards will not start till EPGP starts for the raid.

The raiding attendance sheet will be starting over! We will have to old one archived to refer back to. Mounts that drop in raid will be tied to attendance. If you have 90% or better attendance, you will be eligible for the mount drops first. So, in case that is confusing, the mount drops and everyone rolls. The person with the lowest rolls has a 50% attendance rating so is skipped, the second lowest is 74% and also skipped, the third lowest has 91% attendance and receives the mount. There will also be a 10 raid minimum attached to the mount drop. While we didn’t get many mounts in MoP, it was an issue in expansions before that and we didn’t have a good answer. Now that we have the sheet and it is consistently being taken care of by the officer team as a whole, we feel we have a good answer for the problem.

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