Thank you for your interest in Exodus. Please answer all the questions completely and thoroughly  This is our first impression of you, so the more information the better.  We are a semi hard core raiding guild comprised adults. Our guild was created in 2007, but didn’t start progression focused raiding till Wrath of the Lich King.  In Exodus, most humor goes. However, we do not tolerate racial slurs. If a guild member asks you not to use a certain type of humor around them or trolling, you need to stop.

What we expect:

  • Teamspeak to stay relatively clear during boss fights.
  • For you to stay up to date on your class and patch notes. Spend a little time every day researching.
  • Arrive on times for raids
  • Have an authenticator
  • Be respectful
  • Contact the raid leader or raid assist if you will be late or unable to attend.
  • Drive. We want you to have the drive to always improve, for the next kill to be better then the last, and strive to be the top of the meter while still paying attention to mechanics.
  • Take responsibility for your screw ups. We all stand in fire at times, we have all missed that crucial mechanic that wipes the raid (Ultraxion anyone?), own up to it, move on, and don’t do it again.
  • 90% attendance, know the loot system before coming to raid
  • No racial slurs or jokes
  • 18+ or damn close to it.

What we offer:

  • Guild provided raid enchants, flasks, potions, and food (potions require authenticator)
  • Fair loot systems
  • Full Effort points while on standby (Progression Run)
  • Discounted BOE Raid epics for alts and off specs

Raid Information

  • Raiding Thursday and Sunday from 9 pm to midnight PST.
  • This run focuses on progression. If you are not pulling your weight, you will be asked to sit.
  • EPGP Loot system:
  • Raid boss mounts will be rolled off to those who have at least 90% attendance and have attended at least 10 raids. Low roll wins.
  • Raid spots are not guaranteed. You may be asked to rotate or go on standby for any given night. We do not have “bench warmers” unless requested by the member.

How to Apply

  1. Sign up on our forums with your character’s name: Register
  2. Check your email for the registration confirmation.
  3. Fill out the application: Application (you must be logged in to view and fill out the application) If you are applying as a Member, you only need to answer the required questions as marked with a star. If you are applying as a raider, you need to answer all the questions fully and completely.
  4. Check back often!

If you are applying to raid at a later date (more than a month), apply as a member first. Raider apps are taken as is and will be judged as a raider. You can ask to become a raider at a later time.

If you are still having issues, Anani can make an account for you. Battle tag: Anani#1620.

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