Heroic Galakras

Defeated! Great job coming back from a few hard week of not seeing him and pushing through like no time had passed. Next up is Pacman! That would be Sha of Pride…

Meet up in Cali!

Here is the info! It will be in Capitola, CA (Santa cruz county) at the beach! http://www.evite.com/event/02FEDM5JIJ5GXIFJYEPD5IG2Q6MLYA

Anani & Ninrez Vacation: What to expect

Anani (me) flys out to California on Monday, June 2nd. I will be trying to raid from my father’s and grandmother’s homes while I am there, but I may not be able to make it since they generally have crappy internet. I won’t be able to make call outs while I am in California. My family goes to bed early. Bonus ep will probably not be getting awarded. After June 12th’s raid I will be completely gone until July 6th. I will be in Disney World and getting married. Ninrez will also be gone for this time. We are getting Continue reading Anani & Ninrez Vacation: What to expect

Southern California Fires

We have a large number of members in the S. Cali area and near the fires. Please keep them in your thoughts and hopefully they will stay safe. If you are in S. Cali, we would love to hear from you and know that you are okay.